Meet Our Bloodhounds at Meet The Breeds

AKC Meet The Breeds

The American Bloodhound Club supports and encourages the members and its regional clubs to participate in local activities which provide the public an opportunity to meet Bloodhounds.  One such activity is the American Kennel Club's "Meet The Breeds," (MTB) events, especially around the Westminster Kennel Club show (NYC) and in conjunction with the National Championship.  MTB events allow for the public to speak with experienced and knowledgeable breed "experts."  Additionally hounds are present for that "hands-on" experience, and a lot of literature is available to take home and consider.  Many of the regional clubs participate at breed booths with local kennel clubs, Pet Expos, or Responsible Dog Ownership Day (in September) events.

The American Bloodhound Club has flyers/materials on USB flash drive, a SD card for slide shows and a 10' booth backdrop of the oil painting, "On Scent," available for regional clubs or members who would like to host a Bloodhound Meet The Breed Booth in their area.

Contact Adriana Pavlinovic, Public Education Coordinator for more information or with any questions at

Available flyers or articles are also available at Bloodhound Blog.