You will have some daily grooming as well as weekly grooming to do ith this breed, because folks, Bloodhounds get messy. If you keep up it is not too bad, but if you let things slide, then prepare for a hit to the pocketbook. [...]

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Meet Our Bloodhounds

Meet Our Bloodhounds at Meet The Breeds By Adriana Pavlinovic Photos by Moni Schifler Azank & Adriana Pavlinovic It wasn’t quite raining cats and dogs, but the New York City streets around Jacob K. Javits Convention Center were full of canines, felines, and [...]

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My First Bloodhound National

My First Bloodhound National...By Karissa Groves, Junior Handler Background I was asked to write about my first Bloodhound National, and I am going to start with the fact that I was REALLY bummed when my grandma and her handler went to the 2013 Bloodhound [...]

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Blizzards and Bloodhounds

BLIZZARDS AND BLOODHOUNDS – WINTER 2014 VBSAR Adriana Pavlinovic The Zion’s Crossroads area of Louisa County Virginia once again found law enforcement as well as search and rescue Bloodhound handlers gathering for a joint three day seminar in mantrailing sponsored by the [...]

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Glaucoma: Time to look past the eyelids!

by Marybeth Cline, DVM & Eileen Peers Bloodhounds and Ophthalmologists: two words that are seldom put together. Brings to many minds the polar bipartisanship we see in our politicians! Many of us have had the experience of seeing the pain on an ophthalmologist’s [...]

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by Claudia Williams The American Bloodhound Club has joined the Canine Health Information Center or CHIC. CHIC is sponsored by the Canine Health Foundation (CHF) and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), and its stated purpose is to "provide a source of health [...]

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Those Wonderful Bloodhound Ears

by Karen Leshkivich DVM Bloodhounds unfortunately have an ear designed for trouble. Those wonderful long, low set ears are great at trapping debris, moisture and heat producing the optimum dark environment for bacteria and yeast to grow. If you notice a foul odor [...]

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Medical and Surgical Considerations Regarding Bloat

Gastric Dilatation Volvulus Syndrome in the Dr. John Hamil Of the approximately 1,300,000 dogs registered annually by the AKC only 1500 are bloodhounds. Consequently, most veterinarians will see only a few in their practice lifetime. This brochure is offered by the American Bloodhound [...]

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Tracking vs. Trailing

by Jan Rothwell There is always confusion and misunderstanding regarding the differences between tracking and trailing. Although there similarities. They both require a dog, a harness and a handler. They both have three levels of competition, but the sports differ from there. The [...]

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Judging the BLOODHOUND

By Anne L. Legge I have bred Bloodhounds since 1980. I have been an AKC conformation judge and an American Bloodhound Club Mantrailing field trials judge, and I have strong ideas on how the breed should be judged.   The Bloodhound is in every [...]

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