The American Bloodhound Club recommends these books, links and videos for all Bloodhound lovers!


  • The Bloodhound The Illustrated Standard - A guide for Judges Published by The American Bloodhound Club
  • The New Complete Bloodhound by Catherine Brey & Lena Reed Howell Book House Available from: Hound Dog Press Bobbi Reed Eller,Publisher 1110 E. Rosemonte Drive Phoenix, AZ 85024 ph. 623-580-0095 summers: 208-263-9437 cell: 602-405-2450
  • The Bloodhound by Hilary Harmar W. & G. Foyle Ltd., London
  • The Bloodhound Handbook by Douglas H. Appleton Nicholson & Watson, London
  • Bloodhounds by Hylda Owen T.F.H. Publications
  • The Association of Bloodhound Breeders, 1897-1995 by F. W. Daniel
  • Hunting The Clean Boot, The Working Bloodhound by Brian Lowe Blandford Press ISBN 0 7137 0950 2
  • Yankee -- The Inside Story of a Champion Bloodhound by Roger Caras G.P. Putnam's Sons l979 ISBN 0-399-20688-4

Important Bloodhound Links

Trailing Information

  • Manhunters! Hounds of the Big T by Bill Tolhurst and Lena Reed Hound Dog Press Bobbi Reed Eller,Publisher 1110 E. Rosemonte Drive Phoenix, AZ 85024 ph. 623-580-0095 summers: 208-263-9437 cell: 602-405-2450
  • On The Trail! A Practical Guide to the Working Bloodhound and Other Search and Rescue Dogs by Jan Tweedie Alpine Publications 38262 Linman Rd., Crawford, CO 81415 800-777-7257 970-921-5005 Fax 970-921-5081 ISBN: 1-57779-005-7, $19.95 + s&h
  • Common Scents The Bloodhound in Law Enforcement By Jerry F. Nichols & Milica K. Wilson
  • Police Pocket Training Manual for Bloodhound Handlers The National Police Bloodhound Association (NPBA)
  • Police K-9 Unit Tactical Operations by Jack R. Shuler A comprehensive training guide and procedure manual for the formation and operation of a tactical unit to provide protection and assistance during criminal mantrailing operations involving the use of the mantrailing bloodhound. $25.00 plus S&H Email: - Phone: (618) 548-0303
  • Practical Scent Dog Training Lue Button Alpine Publications, 1990 ISBN: 0-931866-47-2
  • Ready: A Step-by-Step Guide for Training the Search and Rescue Dog Susan Bulanda Doral Publishing, 1994 ISBN: 0-944875-41-6
  • Scent: Training to Track, Search, and Rescue Milo D. Pearsall and Hugo Verbruggen, M.D. Alpine Publications, 1982 ISBN: 0-931866-11-1
  • Scent and the Scenting Dog William Syrotuck 1972 ISBN: 0-914124-03-X
  • Search Dog Training: How to Get Started Ed Stopper and Madde Watts 1995 A video and training guide describing the steps involved for training an air scenting search dog. Available from: Multi-SAR Technologies 29 Regent Lane Chico, CA 95973 U.S.A. 916-891-6651
  • Search and Rescue Dog Training Sandy Bryson The Boxwood Press, 1976 ISBN: 0-910286-47-7
  • Search and Rescue Dogs: Training Methods American Rescue Dog Association Macmillan Publishing, 1991 ISBN: 0-87605-733-4
  • Training The Mantrailing Bloodhound by Jack R. Shuler A "how to" training guide for producing a working mantrailing bloodhound. This book is directed towards the training of bloodhounds as a tool for law enforcement, but can also be used by those interested in trailing as a sport or for SAR. $25.00 plus S&H Email: - Phone: (618) 548-0303
  • K9 Trailing - The Straightest Path by Jeff Schettler "Schettler explains step by step how to train a man-trailing dog from puppyhood to life-saving companion. Placing strong emphasis on learning to read your dog, Jeff talks about common mistakes, how to handle a long line, how to recognize when your dog has lost the trail, and what to do about it." $34.95 Alpine Publications Crawford, CO 81415 970.921.5005; fax 970.921.5081
  • Red Dog Rising by Jeff Schettler "Red Dog Rising is basically a nonfiction account of how Jeff acquired and then trained and worked with Ronin, his bloodhound. He has a lot of practical training knowledge throughout the book, and has included an Appendix with more training information, specifically trailing versus tracking." $24.95 Alpine Publications Crawford, CO 81415 970.921.5005; fax 970.921.5081


AKC - VVT406

  • Scent: The Forgotten Evidence
  • Cadaver Recovery Procedures for Law Enforcement by Bill Tolhurst
    Available from: Media Productions 49 Lakeview Parkway Lockport, NY 14094 716-433-7889