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Meet Our Bloodhounds

Meet Our Bloodhounds at Meet The Breeds By Adriana Pavlinovic Photos by Moni Schifler Azank & Adriana Pavlinovic It wasn’t quite raining cats and dogs, but the New York City streets around Jacob K. Javits Convention Center were full of canines, felines, and [...]

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My First Bloodhound National

My First Bloodhound National...By Karissa Groves, Junior Handler Background I was asked to write about my first Bloodhound National, and I am going to start with the fact that I was REALLY bummed when my grandma and her handler went to the 2013 Bloodhound [...]

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Blizzards and Bloodhounds

BLIZZARDS AND BLOODHOUNDS – WINTER 2014 VBSAR Adriana Pavlinovic The Zion’s Crossroads area of Louisa County Virginia once again found law enforcement as well as search and rescue Bloodhound handlers gathering for a joint three day seminar in mantrailing sponsored by the [...]

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Tracking vs. Trailing

by Jan Rothwell There is always confusion and misunderstanding regarding the differences between tracking and trailing. Although there similarities. They both require a dog, a harness and a handler. They both have three levels of competition, but the sports differ from there. The [...]

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