Judging the BLOODHOUND

By Anne L. Legge I have bred Bloodhounds since 1980. I have been an AKC conformation judge and an American Bloodhound Club Mantrailing field trials judge, and I have strong ideas on how the breed should be judged.   The Bloodhound is in every [...]

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You Be The Judge

You Be The Judge!...By Robert Cole Dog A, Dog B, or Dog C? Place this first class of American bloodhound champions in order of preference. Each one has won at least one Group placement. Normally, they would be competing for Best of Breed [...]

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Fun In The Bloodhound Ring

Fun in the Bloodhound Ring...by Camille McArdle Goobers are an essential accessory for a Bloodhound. They are light and fluffy, yet thick strings of spit that Bloodhound people deal with almost unconsciously, but can nevertheless be sources of bizarre amusement. The unique consistency [...]

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