Before making the decision to bring a Bloodhound into your family, ask yourself the following questions…

Bloodhound If you Want

1. Are you ready for an extra large dog with at minimum a medium-high energy level, but usually a high energy level through his/her first two to three years of life?
2. Bloodhounds need a good amount of daily exercise with some type of stimulation (play  with another dog, play/interaction with you, swimming, chasing a ball, etc.) Will an active Bloodhound fit into your lifestyle expectations?
3. Because of their super-abundant wrinkle and deep lips, long, low set ears and diamond shaped eye lids, Bloodhounds will have special care needs. Can you commit to weekly and to a daily care routine - are you prepared for drool on your walls, your furniture, your clothes, your sliding glass door, etc.? Will you enjoy meeting these needs?
4. Because they are a scent hound, Bloodhounds possess a hunting instinct which predisposes them to roam i.e. follow their nose. This means that they should be kept in an enclosed area when outdoors. Are you able to provide this type of securely fenced
environment for your Bloodhound’s exercise needs?
5. Bloodhounds really enjoy being around you/family, and do not do well when left alone for extended periods. Will you have the time to give your Bloodhound a great deal of attention and affection?
6. The Bloodhound’s personality, normally inquisitive and generally friendly makes them poor guard dogs. Is this acceptable to you?
7. The decision to bring a new Bloodhound into your home should be one that is agreed to by all members of the family/household. Most Bloodhounds live 8-12 years. Any pet brought into your home requires a lifetime commitment.

Bloodhounds Wht do we wabnt 2

If you have answered yes to the above questions then a Bloodhound may be the right dog for you!

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