Selecting the National Obedience Judge

The obedience judge for National Specialties shall be selected by the general membership of the ABC from a pre-selected pool of five (5) candidates chosen by the hosting region. The procedure for selection is as follows:

1.1       The Event Chairperson of the hosting region shall work with the Obedience committee to develop a list of five (5) AKC licensed obedience judges that they feel are suitable for the assignment of Obedience judging for the National Specialty. The names of the judges shall be included on a separate ballot and mailed with the Final Round ballots of the judges selection process for the year of that National.

1.2       The Event Chairperson shall submit the names of the candidates to the Judges Selection Coordinator (JSC) by the 15th of February.

1.3       The names of the five (5) chosen candidates for Obedience shall be listed in alphabetical order, on a ballot that shall be included in the Final Round balloting process, outlined in the SBR section VI, Rule 622, section 1.2 that states; “The Final Round Ballots shall be sent to the Bulletin Editor for mailing with Winter Bulletin, or to the Newsletter for mailing with the February/March issue. Final Round Ballots shall state a response deadline date of the first Saturday in May, two years prior to the event date. The votes shall be counted after the response deadline date”. (Attachment 622.2)

1.4       In the event of a tie, the JSC shall prepare a third ballot to be mailed as a tie breaker. The tied candidates shall be listed on the Tie Breaker Ballot in alphabetical order. The Tie Breaker Ballots shall be sent to the Newsletter Editor to be mailed via the next available Newsletter with a deadline response date of sixty days after the mailing of said Newsletter. (Attachment 622-3)

1.5       After the mailed-in votes have been counted and the Show Committee has set the dates and location of the event, the judge who received the most votes shall be contacted by the JSC by telephone with an informal invitation to judge. At this time, inquiry will be made as to the financial compensations requested by this judge to complete the assignment. The judge shall be informed that a formal contact letter of invitation/acceptance as well as a confirmation of the terms discussed shall be sent for signature, and then presented to the Board for approval of the terms.

1.6       After the letter is returned, the ABC President shall be contacted by the JSC and informed of the terms set forth. The President shall present the issue to the Board for a vote. The President shall contact and inform the JSC of the Boards decision.


  • Upon Board approval, and after receiving AKC approval of the event and judging panel, a formal contract shall be sent to the judge by the JSC, which shall state in detail the terms and conditions of the assignment.
  • Upon receipt of the signed contract from the judge, the JSC shall have no further contact with the judge. The Event Chairperson and the Judges Hospitality Chairperson (JHC) will receive copies of all correspondence from the judge from the JSC, including the signed contract. The JHC for the National Specialty Event shall handle all further correspondence with the judge regarding this event.

1.9       In the event that any contracted judge at a National Specialty notifies the ABC that they are unable or unwilling to complete their assignment, the JSC shall be notified and shall then contact the judges in descending order of the selection results on the Final Ballot, to secure a replacement judge for the assignment.   If none of the remaining judges are available for the assignment, the JSC shall revert to the First Round balloting results and contact those judges in descending order until the assignment is filled.

1.10     The AKC Delegate shall be available to the JSC to assist in the process outlined in 1.8 if needed.

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